Scandinavian XPO is a destination and a hub for traveling people as well as innovative industries and companies. Hotels, restaurants and activities make the area a natural destination for the entire event, expo and meeting industry.

Scandinavian XPO is a modern venue with a capacity for over 8 500 people in 3 exhibition halls and ideal for events, fairs, meetings and conferences. The entire venue is carefully planned for visitors, exhibitors and organizers alike. With 5 minutes to the airport terminals at Arlanda, and 20 minutes from Stockholm and Uppsala, Scandinavian XPO is within convenient reach for visitors. 

Here you can find fitness amenities, golf, cycling, medical facilities, restaurants, bars, beautiful lounge environments and free transportation to and from the terminals - all to make the visit both convenient and memorable.

Scandinavian XPO operates both the modern meeting place and event facilities where eventproducers, tradeshow organizers and booking agencies in the experience industry rent space and service functions for their established concepts and guests.

Our focus is to create unique facilities which function at the highest international level technically, logistically and experientially. We aim to be our customer's obvious choice - the nearest meeting point in the Northen countries.

-Anna Bauer, CEO, Scandinavian XPO


Arlandastad Group is a young and idea-driven company that works with property and concept development at one of Sweden's most exciting locations, neighboring The World by way of Arlanda Airport. Here we control 241 hectares of land and develop spaces where research, commercial interests and authorities can meet and collaborate using creativity and competence.

Collaboration is one of our guding principles and together with Sigtuna municipality and Swedavia we are building Sweden's first airport city; Airport City Stockholm. On 800 hectares we jointly build a living city where we offer something as unique as walking distance to the rest of the world.

Our strength as a company is that we do not focus solely on production and asset management. We create an attractive and long-term sustainable platform where companies and other stakeholders can form clusters and effective collaborations.
Through concept development we bring forth places where this collaboration can grow. An example is our concept area DRIVELAB where we, with facilities and real estate, realize an area where different stakeholders within the automotive industry work to innovate and create solutions of the future. Another example is Scandinavian XPO, where our ambition is to launch an international meeting facility for the whole of Scandinavia and, by extension Europe, where different contributors can meet for different purposes and in different constellations.
In addition, if you are to be a modern and exciting meeting venue of today, you nowadays need completely different facilities than previously required, which is why we are investing in a wholistic event-solution for event producers and guests.

The development of the area around Arlanda is important for Stockholm and Sweden. In recent years, the airport and its surroundings have seen a high growth. In the Arlanda area, about 1,000 new jobs are created annually and Sigtuna is one of Sweden's fastest growing municipalities. The fact that Arlandastad Group is involved in driving this development forward is very exciting to us.

-Dieter Sand, CEO of Arlandastad Group