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In between Stockholm and Uppsala, by Stockholm Arlanda Airport, a new city is taking shape. 
Airport City Stockholm will play a critical role for the growth in the Stockholm region. 50,000 jobs are predicited to be needed here in coming years. The location is hard to beat, and companies setting up operations here will be connected to the strongest growing region in the country – while having the rest of the country, and world around the corner.

As globalisation accelerates, people from different parts of the world will travel more. This means that airports around the globe will be hubs forjobs and growth. In order for the area around Stockholm Arlanda Airport to be at the forefront, property development in the area is progressing at full speed.

A new neighbourhood alongside the motorway is taking shape and neighbourhoods in the outskirts of Stockholm and Uppsala are expanding. The needs of tomorrow are clear; research, technology, physical meetings and creativity are in high demand.

Construction has begun on a new office complex around Airport City Stockholm. The plans include an attractive cityscape featuring oases in the form of parks and green spaces. Space isdeveloped for ample meetings between people.

A key feature of a vibrant airport city is the diversity that characterises the atmosphere at an airport. We believe that companies setting up operations in Airport City Stockholm will see how distances in Sweden, a long country stretching north to south, will become shorter.