In November of 2020 we will open the doors to our 3 large exhibition halls, hotel, smart loading zones, generous parking and everything else that makes Scandinavian XPO the perfect location for event organizers and visitors.

The premises are suitable for up to 8,500 guests - and all types of events, fairs, meetings, gala dinners, concerts and sporting events. We make it easy to combine events by offering different setups in the different parts of our facilities.



We have designed the entrance - our Plaza - with great care, and with it included space for outdoor activities. Start your event by welcoming guests outdoors - in direct connection to the event-facilities.

The Plaza is made to link events inside the premises with the outside world, all to create the best conditions available for creative activations in different forms. With 3 large exhibition halls, several hotels, smart cargo zones, generous parking and the latest within meeting-technology we have pushed the bounderies on all fronts to make Scandinavian XPO the perfect location for organizers, suppliers and visitors alike.

The event-facilities are decorated in modern and soft colors wich allow for great flexibility when decorating. The halls can be divided with a number of sound-proofing walls, which creates endless possibilities. The ceiling-height are up to ten meters which make it possible to drive full-size trailers into the hall, and the ceiling itself is structured to withstand great load-carrying capacity.

Read more below and discover all the possibilities with our Plaza, the 3 exhibition-halls, as well as for different types of conferences, meet-and-greets and food options.



The Plaza is made to link the events inside the premises with the outside world. It is an excellent opportunity to meet your guests and set the stage for what to expect inside the halls  - to create an immersive transition to your event.





With grand loading gates and ten meters in ceiling-height, we have designed the best conditions possible for creative event-solutions of all kind. We offer generous accommodation areas on two levels, a robust structure built to take on any challange, and a large state-of-the-art kitchen. All to give organizers endeless possibilities to create large events, fairs, galas and even concerts - with up to 5,000 guests. Hall 1 can be divided into 1 large hall and 3 break-outs.



In between the two large halls (1 and 3) is Hall 2. With its approximately 530 square meters, the surface is well suited for meet-and-greets, lunches and break-outs. Hall 2 has a lower ceiling-hight than the larger halls which gives a more intimate character. There are generous passages to the two larger halls making it a perfect in-between space for large events using all three halls, or as an event-kitchen during gala dinners with 1,500-3,000 guests.



With its rectangular shape and slightly lower ceiling-height than Hall 1, Hall 3 is ideal for trade fairs and exhibitions. There are several entrance-possibilities and you can easily create exciting flows to the main entrance foyer, as well as to hotel Quality Airport Hotel Arlanda's large social spaces. Hall 3 is divisible thanks to retractable walls. The space is conveniently located near SXPO's large kitchen.



Book our Skybox for a conference with a unique type of setting. Use your meeting-time in a fun way with Arlanda Airport's lights and movement as a dramatic backdrop.


The conference departments at SXPO consist of three parts. They are decorated in soft colors and offer the latest within meeting-technology. Generous communal spaces provide ample opportunities for both large and small gatherings, in a variety of configurations. There are about 15 conference rooms of 11-32 square meters, and 2 larger conference rooms.


Scandinavian XPO multi-use facility is Sweden's newest meeting destination with over 40,000 square meters of combined meeting-space. It contains 3 exhibition halls, as well as comfortable lounge environments, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, event areas, conference rooms, training centers, golf clinics and several other activities.

With the proximity to Arlanda, as well as Stockholm and Uppsala, the accessibility is the best in the country. Free transport shuttles to the terminals makes a visit easy and efficient.

The location also provide a closeness to nature and outdoor activities, as well as strong partners, good infrastructure, the latest technology and world-class service. We believe that our extensive offering combined with our focus on sustainability and local production will make Scandinavian XPO a hub for traveling people as well as innovative industries and companies.

Scandinavian XPO is a part of Airport City Stockholm, which is jointly operated by Arlandastad Holding, Swedavia and Sigtuna Municipality. Together, they lead the development of Sweden's first airport city - creating a regional, national and international destination.