New tunnel under E4 highway improves traffic around Arlanda

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  • Sep 12, 2019

A new airport city is growing by Arlandastad, and the interest for new establishments in the area is great. Under the E4 highway, in line with the new meeting destination Scandinavian XPO (old Eurostop), a new tunnel will be built which will link Arlanda with Arlandastad and Scandinavian XPO. The tunnel will generate a better flow for visitors and event participants and also help better the general communications in the area. The new tunnel creates increased accessibility between the eastern and western sides - between Arlanda and the entire Arlanda city, while opening up new establishments in Arlanda city East - in the area between Arlanda airport and Scandinavian XPO. On the east side of the E4 there is unexploited land of 1.6 million square meters, an area with great establishment potential in one of the best locations at Arlanda.

Construction of the tunnel is set for December 2019 and the work is expected to be completed in the spring of 2021. When the districts are linked, accessibility will improve and it becomes even easier to get between Arlanda, Arlandastad and Scandinavian XPO. A separate exit route from the E4 highway will lead directly to the new meeting destination Scandinavian XPO, thus facilitating the flow of visitors. In a year, in November 2020, the new meeting destination of 40,000 square meters will be ready.

- "With further improved flow between Arlanda airport and our facility, accessibility is even better for our customers, visitors, employees and suppliers. The new tunnel will be an important part of optimizing our operations and increasing the attractiveness of the area. We are the Nordic region closest meeting place and we put great focus on becoming the meeting destination that has everything in mind, which includes smooth communication to and from the arena", says Staffan Littmarck, CEO of Scandinavian XPO.

It is the former Eurostop building next to the E4 that is being rebuilt and when everything is ready by the end of 2020, Scandinavian XPO will house three exhibition halls, hotels and facilities such as a automotive testing facility, a shooting range and much more. The facility will become the most central meeting area in the Nordic region with room for 8500 visitors and with all of Scandinavia's capitals within an hour's radius. An obvious destination for the entire event, trade fair and meeting industry.